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“I'm so grateful for this space where we can bring our vulnerability, work through our stuff and take our power back.”



Welcome! I'm Erin Kirk


I'm an Internal Family Systems Level One Trained practitioner and a Professional Certified Life Coach (PCC) with 2,500+ coaching hours working with women in all sorts of life transitions. 

I founded Girl Catch Fire in 2017 to help women get out of their own way and start making their corner of earth look more like heaven. What I found was a whole lot of stored emotional trauma, degraded mental health, overworked, overwrought physical bodies and deep spiritual wounds. 

At Girl Catch Fire, we address all of that - the whole person - even if it means referring to trusted menopause doctors or our growing roster of therapist friends. 

Right now, my clients are quitting jobs, getting better ones, getting promoted, and moving across the country. They’re dropping anxiety meds, pain meds, baggage, and fear. They’re reconnecting with their communities in unexpected ways. They’re losing the anxiety and loneliness that comes with playing small and replacing it with service, community, and joy.

What's it time for you to do?

Spiritual, emotional
mental & physical


Are you living it? 

Or are you stuck? Lost? Bored? Wasting your hard-earned potential? Have you begun asking "what's wrong with me," and coming up with some pretty mean answers? 

Feeling lost during transitions is normal - especially at midlife, but properly considered, midlife is no crisis. It's an opportunity to become something else - perhaps the person you were before the world told you who to be. 

We've been there and we know the territory. 

We also know purpose in life is not something you discover, it's something you build, with faith, curiosity and expert support, over time, in community. 

Whether it's empty nest, divorce, pre-retirement or the very common midlife dip, our purpose at Girl Catch Fire is to help you get into yours.



"I'm not sure anyone has ever been more skeptical about working with a coach than I was.

But with Erin's guidance, I saw 39 years of rejection issues healed in an instant. I would sign up all over again."

- SK 

"I can’t say enough positive things about Erin. Not only was the course content so diverse and inclusive, Erin was hands on with each and every one of us so I never got the feeling like I wasn’t getting individual attention. Erin is the real deal. She’s honest and a very genuine person who is not afraid to be vulnerable."


"The first time I talked to Erin, I knew that she got it and that she had some amazing things to offer. This course was honestly a life changer! I have learned so much about myself and what kind of life I want to live, what is important to me and how I want to show up for myself and others. I will take things from this course that I will have with me for the rest of my life."


"My experience in the meaning of midlife Academy has been life transformational. It teaches you how to manage life in an intentional way; Teaches you how to stop being stuck and frustrated and instead teaches you the tools needed to break down your barriers and get the outcomes you desire in your life. On top of this transformation you also get a tribe and community of supportive women for a lifetime. Absolutely Priceless!"


"If you are feeling stuck or unsure this is the place to come. You will learn more about yourself and find strategies for dealing with the uncertainty that midlife can sometimes bring on. Erin is super supportive and knowledge about helping you find your way.... You have to do the work but if you are willing to really spend some time and really look at your life you will get positive results. Best of all you will be supported by great women who are going through all kinds of things...  they help you realize you are not alone and you can handle whatever life is throwing your way."


Midlife is not a crisis.

It's an opportunity to become something else. To tell the truth about who you are NOW and what you really want from the second half of your life. 


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